is a new web site that allows people organize and share media contents with others through various services provided on the site. It is started in middle of 2007 and released in April 1st 2008 by Benjamin Law, a university student in Hong Kong and his friends.

The name Muecs stands for Make You E-Communication Site, which tells the main focus of Muecs. Three major services were released, Mahsups Share, Community, and Marketplace: Mashups Share allows people to aggregate contents they added in favorites or uploaded in some popluar web site services. Currently the site has integrated services like Digg, Youtube, Delicious, Twitter, MetaCafe, SlideShare, Pownce, and Flickr.  A RSS Feeds Readers and Bookmarks function are also built.  Users can view their social media contents online and share them with friends through Muecs’ web messenger; Community is simply a web application for people to create or join the crews by their interests and hobbies. People can share their thoughts and ideas by posting articles, joining discussion, uploading and sharing photos that related to their crews;  Marketplace is there for people to list their items and sell. Users can create their own personal online shop with customizable interface features.

Muecs is one of many social service mashup sites such as FriendFeed, but it is trying to bring us something new by introducing the Marketplace where the goods people want to buy and sell online are considered as part of the information can be shared.  Furthermore, talking about social networks, Benjamin also said, “Facebook is a very good sample for social networking website, but not all of them are doing great in the way of bring efficiency for people.  The important fact is that most of the networking sites are ‘click, add, browse’ and 80% of the messages are “How are you?” topics.  In Muecs, we developed the functionality of messaging and other basic functions that available to share information, bringing more topics for people to talk with.”

Muecs definitely needs more effort to implement its ideas, improve the user experience, especially enhance its Marketplace to differentiate itself from others. What I really like Muecs is that its young team. Unlike many other Chinese young netizen who are indulged with those entertainment-centric social network sites, these young men have their vision on this market:

“The web applications in Muecs will bring integration between applications, so that any suitable information in each application can be exchange.  The social web market is a growing fast nowadays, and it will eventually become profitable business.  Why?  Because most of the social web (which include social networking, bookmaks, news, photos, videos) contents and information are came from people, which gives startup companies more opportunities to explore revenue models, such as advertisement, subscription etc.  We believe other than search engine, social websites will be the next ‘killer applications’ in the industry.”

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