There are many lifestreaming services trying to put our online social life together, such as FriendFeed, SocialThing! etc.  Here comes another one called SocialOyster. Developed by Marcus Reimold from Cologne, SocialOyster is only two weeks old, at very early stage but it does bring something interesting.

Three services now can be found on SocialOyster:

1. The Oysterpass – here you can create an overview of your social activities. It currently supports around 20 popular online services such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube etc.

2. Social search engine – this is the feature I found quite interesting. You can simply input your friend’s username, then it can get his/her online activities at different platforms for you. It also offers a Place Search. The idea is that you can use it to find out who is using what service (e.g. twitter) around you.

3. The Oysterline – you can follow your friends live using Oysterline. Instead of aggregating all your friends’ activities into a simple feed. SocialOyster actually comes up with another approach to display the timeline of your friends’ activities. Your friends’ activities are organized into difference panes and each pane shows the activities from one service. By this way, friends’ lifestreams are visually categorized by services they are using. You can check the public Oysterline for example.

I am sure that more and more online services will be supported by SocialOyster soon and its user interface can be improved too. Lifestreaming service is indeed very useful and promising, but I believe for this type of service, Simple is the Best. Streaming all the activities into a Feed that I can subscribe to will be just enough for me to track all my friends’ online life.

Gang Lu

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