Reports say Apple nears the Chinese iPhone deal, and the latest news I heard today: Apple is actually recruiting technical staff in China, preparing for the iPhone launch in China.

A friend’s friend who actually went to the interview said, Apple clearly mentioned the job is for the iPhone business in China, but Apple also said they were not 100% sure that the job would be eventually available since the contract with Chinese ISP (which most likely will be China Mobile) had not been signed yet.

So there is some uncertainty, but iPhone surely is one step closer to China, the biggest mobile market.

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  1. It’s time iPhone has a distribution in China. Looking at so many young chinese people that buy iphone in US/ Europe and ships it back to China, we know that its a very major market.

    Even though many expect it to be huge, I am interested to see if things might backfire like it did in Japan. We all know that the japanese market is very different from the chinese one. For one, they are years ahead. But iPhone really did undersell in Japan.

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