TechCrunch50 was successfully held. We know who the winners are. But today let’s talk about one of them that didn’t win. Tonchidot generated alot of fanfare in TechCrunch even though they didn’t end up on the podium.

Well, to start with, the idea is awesome. Geotagging and using the broad viewport of iPhone as the tool to geotag and view geotagged objects. However, the thing that caught my attention the most was the spirit of the presenter.

The Japanese presenter had to overcome the language barrier, but it was exactly that that allowed passion unfiltered. He stood out so much that the crowd was roaring. After the presentation, he even started jumping and spreading his hands, hr went on shaking the hands of the panelist even before the panelist started quizing. And because he had so much spirit and had the excuse of not speaking english well, the panelists were literally giving the question and helping answer some of them, the host lent a helping hand too. And what the japanese presenter had to do was to occasionally give his uber confident short answer such as “join us”, “we have patent”. It was a show-stopper.

This sums up how entrepreneurs should pitch. Simple, confident and avoid details. Who says presenting as a non-native speaker is a handicap?

Note: For readers in China that can’t stream the video (cases reported), try viewing in YouTube. The earlier part of the presentation was not capture on this YouTube video. It is also coarser , but did capture the audience’s reaction more.

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