Yourminis, a well-known widget platform and Goowy, a desktop widget technology have been brought to China by AOL China. The team has been set up in Beijing, and they told me that their mission is to kick off the widget market in China.

Netvibes first took its UWA widget technology to China, together with Sohu, AOL is now the second foreign company wants a share in Chinese widget market which is yet a virgin market.

The Chinese version of AOL is not doing well in China, but this time it seems that it found a very promising market in China. Don’t expect widget market will boom in near future, but if you are aware that Open Platform is a very hot topic right now in China web, for a long term plan (if AOL China has enough patience), widget, aka web app, could mean a huge business.

Here is Yourminis’ online widget gallery, and you can also follow the step by step tutorial to have a taste of its widget solution.

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