Chinese Virtual World has been very quiet for a while, but quiet does not mean the market is dead. Old virtual worlds are re-thinking of their strategies, and new ones are emerging. ChinaQ is one of new virtual worlds recently hit the market. Although it is surprisedly operated by the giant, China Mobile, we are not really interested in talking about it at this stage. Insiders told us ChinaQ actually highly benefits from Second Life’s open source project.

MWorld owned by Shanghai-based Sunny Multimedia Co. Ltd is the one truly impressed us. SNS is very hot in China, and MWorld, unlike other virtual worlds, calls itself 3D SNS which might be a smart strategy suitable for Chinese entertainment-centric market. In this post, we believe the virtual second life must be merged with the real first life, and the 3D SNS proposed by MWorld seems a good practice of it. Around 70 staff are now working on MWorld and managed by a strong team, led by its CEO, Frank Chan who was the Director of Sale & Marketing of SEGA.

Thanks to a friend who is working for MWorld, he agreed to share some screenshots with our readers. We were also been told that the private test is scheduled in this November. If you are a fan of Virtual World, I do suggest you keep an eye on it. (click on the image for larger size.)