The “Red Herring 100” awards have been open and awarded to the top 100 private technology companies based upon technology innovation, management strength, market size, investor record, customer acquisition and financial health for over 10 years. Red Herring Asia (4th Edition) which will be held in Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel, December 2-3, 2008, has just announced the 200 companies short-listed as finalists. Let’s quickly go through those Internet & Services companies from China, and you may find some of them are interesting:

1. Avantouch – provides wireless multimedia M3 eTicket platform and service;

2. Babytree – a Chinese online community that focuses on mothers and children;

3. Baixing – the Chinese Kijiji, a free classifieds site;

4. Handon – provides a mobile software named Handon which can be used for surfing internet, downloading music and even video, hotel search etc;

5. Beijing Idea Interactive-mobile business solution provider;

6. Sagaware – a sino-american joint venture company, owner of and;

7. ChinaCache – the leading provider of professional CDN (Content Delivery Network) service in China, and it takes 75% of China’s CDN market share (read our coverage);

8. ChinaTicketing – China’s leading end-to-end ticketing systems company;

9. Vogins – invents VRE platform, Virtual Runtime Environment, to help chipset maker, mobile phone maker, content and application developer, embedded technology enabler to build an interactive ecosystem;

10. Yeepay – a leading e-payment service provider in China, the first company in China providing a single platform integrating both online and offline electronic payments;

11. Ahsay – developed an Internet-based remote backup software, named Ahsay which provides a low-cost, automated and reliable backup solution to the business communities;

12. iSoftStone – a global provider of business consulting, IT outsourcing, and business process outsourcing services;

13. Easou – a local search engine which also has a mobile version;

14. Temobi – a mobile service solution provider, owns a number of global leading patents concerning mobile streaming;

15. Velo – offers Velo Card which can be used as a e-voucher for all sorts of discount in restaurant, shops etc.

16. I.T. United – a global provider of IT and business process solutions.

The full list of 200 companies can be found here.

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  1. Boycott this event and ignore this arbitrary list. The publisher of this moribund, long-discredited publication has no authority to pass judgment on the quality of Chinese start-ups, and likely as not will fail do deliver on the actual event. The publisher owes substantial amounts of money to staffers and vendors alike, was evicted from its offices in Belmont, California, and has been delinquent on payment to venues where past events have been held on numerous occasions. It has processed registration payment from companies participating in events in full knowledge that it would be canceling those events. The list goes on. I am the former China bureau chief for this company and highly encourage you to ignore this and any further communication from Red Herring. Once a great magazine, it's now a pathetic shadow of itself. Do some research on this publication and you'll learn how unethical its business practices have been.

  2. Thank you Kaiser. I am quite curious about how this list is generated. As you said, I do feel this awards can not represent Chinese start-ups anymore. No offense to these finalists, but just there are many more should be listed there.

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