Designer and Developer Frontend Technology Forum 08

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第三届 D2 前端技术论坛 (上海)
Regarded as THE forum for web and frontend developers, D2 will be held on the 29th November in Shanghai. Being a forum by developers for developers, the forum is being organized in turns. TaoBao was the founding organization, Yahoo China took the honor the second time and Tudou will be organizing this time.

Coordinator Blank (怿飞) is expecting close to 200 developers this time. The topic that interests me the most is Microsoft’s IE8 as the future platform. I wonder what IE8 brings for developers. IE8 will probably push Silverlight into the limelight, will the temptation to promote Silverlight overshadow the effort to introduce standards multimedia support such as the proposed canvas, svg and video element in HTML 5?

I am also hoping that IE8 will announce more support for standards. We know that one of the headache developers face is the task of serving codes that run on different browsers. Part of this headache stems from IE’s non standard-conforming browser. Mobinode Chinese article took a look at the importance of standards, written by yours truly.