Thanks to Second Life, many of you have reckoned that virtual world would be the future of the web and some of us even link it to the so-called Web3.0 (or you can say Web3.d).

I am glad that Chinese officials ‘feel’ the trend: Shanghai World Expo 2010 will be the first time held online, integrating 3D technology and virtual communites. We heard of this when walked into Ogilvy Shanghai office which is involved in this project. Tencent and multi-media service provider Crystal CG Ltd are the key partners. Note that Crystal CG is the creator of the impressive Scroll Painting in the opening ceremony of Olympic Beijing. It is a pity that we could not get chance to see the 3D version of World Expo, but the friend suggested us to visit where we found a demo of an exhibition room of World Expo. This online World Expo will be officially online on 1st May, 2010.

I am pretty sure that the organizers of World Expo 2010 will find a way to monetize this 3D world, but I have to say that I am still worrying about the Chinese virtual world market. Virtual World is becoming an alternative PR term of 3D online game in China as many Chinese virtual worlds are being rebuilt and more gaming elements will be added into them. The sad news we heard recently is that one of the most well-known Chinese virtual worlds will lay off half of its staff to keep the company operating.

Chinese virtual worlds are in winter. So what is the latest news from the global market? Google Lively will not be continued at the end of December. Still, we need patience.

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