Besides the text, image and some format of multimedia content such as flash, video, what else can you share? Oh yes, don’t forget the Sound. We can share the music and some of us (but not many) love sharing their voice using podcast. If you think about it, it seems on the web voice is less attractive to us. Is it possible that the content from the web or our voice can be truly heard by our friends, i.e. your friends can actually listen to the content you read or they published? It is not easy, but the answer is a Yes. Today I came across a very interesting site called TextVoz which nicely demo the great potentials of the Voice!

TextVoz offers real-time TTS (Text-To-Speech) service. With TTS technology, TextVoz can convert static text to dynamic speech file. On the demo page of TextVoz, you can simply input the text that you want to be read then click the button. The text will be read and you can even download it in .mp3 format. If you choose Share, the story you input in text could be heard in voice by your friends! Although it is just a demo, TextVoz has already supported 7 languages including French, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. How cool is that!

My friend who personally knows the owner of TextVoz told me it is just a personal project at this stage. It is a cool start and I do hope the owner can make something really big out of it!

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