Blogbus, the leading Chinese blog service provider and new media company which also owns YohoCity, a WOM (Word-Of-Mouth) platform, annouced its new Offline product, called iCity, a magazine focusing on urban life, today at its 6 years birthday party. iCity is described as the first Chinese interactive publication: the writers are the users of Blogbus, the contents are selected from blogs and readers can comment on the articles of iCity on official site Blogbus’ business model is getting more clear: online blogging platform with 5 million registered users, Opinion, an e-magazine with over 33,000 subscribers, YohoCity provides online WOM market platform and now iCity which is to establish the offline marketing channel.

Crossing the boundaries, is the theme of blogbus’s 6-year party. The boundaries exist between the online marketing and offline promotion, between the web 1.0 and web 2.0, between the traditional media and new media (blog, bbs, tweets etc) and between the Internet WOM and WOM. Blogbus has just started its engine at its 6 years birthday and is driving to the right direction.

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