Maxthon 3.0 Is Coming, Supporting Both Webkit And IE

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Time is flying. It’s been already over two years since I interviewed with Maxthon last time. The Chinese browser market is not that noisy these days, although there are some good new-comers such as TheWorld Browser, Green Browser, 360 Browser, Sogou Browser, TT Browser by Tencent, UCWeb for mobile market (which is invested by Alibaba last week) etc and it is reported that Sina was working with MiscroSoft on its own Sina Browser. “Maxthon was a bit quiet in past two years, but in China, we are even more confident to say that we are the No.1 local browser”, said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon whom I bumped into in Google Develoer Day China last Friday.

Long-waiting Maxthon 3.0 alpha 3 version has been recently released, supporting two browsing modes based on different browser engines, WebKit and IE. Thanks to Kukukuan who sent me the download link, I had this brand new Maxthon installed. The interface is pretty neat and loading speed is very fast as expected.  It is obviously at very early stage, except the easy-switch between the Turbo mode (which is using Webkit engine) and compatible mode (which is using IE), I have to say not much I can test out. But still, as the first Chinese browser which supports Webkit engine, the new Maxthon 3.0 is quite promising.

Powered by Webkit and the outstanding HTML5 (which introduces Canvas, Application cache and database, Video, Webworker and O3D), Maxthon is facing a brand new future: Maxthon for Mac even a mobile version is not a mission impossible any more. But Jeff calmed me down and he said, we have not thought about those new products, although there is possibility. Our main focus is still on Maxthon 2.0 and we simply want to make it better.

I asked Jeff when we can see the final version of Maxthon 3.0, he said there was no exact deadline for it. “A good browser depends on good user experience which the deadline usually does not help. ” said Jeff. “And we now want to spend more effort on the global market, and this time we are more serious than ever.