I am thinking of an tech video-blog for a long time. In this post, I said, Blog is not just about text and image, and the audience needs audio and video too. Today, MOBINODE.tv, initiated by Cindy, Snake and Boyuan is ready for public, and on behalf of the team I am very proud to announce that the first video blog focus on Chinese tech industry is launched.

Why do we want to do a video blog? In past several months, we’ve been to many conference and events inside and outside China, met many great people and heard loads of interesting stories, and we don’t want all these slipping away. But text can not cover everything and we want all these great people sitting before the camera and telling their stories in their own way; On the other hand, video-sharing is so hot in China, but still the entertainment content is dominating everything. It would be naive to say that we want to change this by launching a video blog, but we really want to bring some fresh air and hope our young generation can learn some priceless experience after watching the video we shot for their future career.

MOBINODE.tv is a video blog focus on Tech, i.e. tech startups, founders, entrepreneurs, thoughts leaders and grassroot in Chinese tech industry are all our ‘targets’; MOBINODE.tv will not be a Tech channel as you find on traditional TV. We want it to be more personalized and free-style because we are not only producing these video, but also thinking of and learning from what we see and hear in China’s fast growing tech industry. MOBINODE.tv will be soon delivered in both Chinese and English like what we have done very well in this blog, as bridging the global industry with China is still our very important mission.

We are very exciting about the launching of MOBINODE.tv, and we also understand that doing a video-blog is not that easy as pressing the Record button. Preparing the interview, editing the video etc are very time-consuming and sometime even boring; I dont really worry about the content and pretty sure we can find many brilliant interviewees as well as cool projects, companies and ideas, but facing such a massive market with full of energy, we can not cover everything. MOBINODE.tv now steps forward and takes the lead, what I really expect is an Ecosystem where more volunteers in different places can join us and bring the Tech scene around you to the global audience.

My best wishes to Cindy’s team and also to this young MOBINODE.tv. Please, do feel free contact them (via Twitter, Fanfou, Digu or online form) if you, your startup, company, event and story want to be broadcasted in a multimedia way.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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