Is Tencent Opening Up? Third Party Applications Now Available in QZone

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I had a conversation two months ago with Peter Zheng, the product manager of QZone, Tencent’s SNS which might be the No.1 social networking place in terms of the user base, traffic and revenue. I asked him, will QZone become an Open Platform like many other SNSs, and in general, will Tencent open up? He said, we will and we are working on it. But unlike others, we have our own strategy, will open up slowly, carefully and efficiently.

Now Peter proves it. Two third parties are ‘luckily’ picked up by Tencent, Five Minutes and Douban. The former is the leading social game developing company whose Happy Farm social game also conquers other leading SNSs such as 51 and Xiaonei and latter is the one of most popular web2.0 service focusing on books, movie and albums. Happy Farm is available in QZone for a while and today Douban app is also spotted (for QZone user, you can find it at

Also talked to another Tencent senior product manager recently. He said, “for Tencent to develop a game like Happy Farm is easy, but they decided not to. And everyone thinks Tencent is driven by revenue (Editor: Happy Farm is making $$$, but not sure how the two sides split the money.), but partnership with Douban is a sign that Tencent is opening up.” With Douban application, QZone users can share with friends what they are reading and comments and also search for books.

“We know Open is the trend and we are not against it. But look at those open platforms, everyone is still thinking of how to really benefit from the openning-up.”, Peter said, “we are open to third parties, but we now have to carefully decide on which one we should work with.”

If you have any thoughts on Tencent’s move to Open, please do share with us.