[Ed: Two months ago, we announced MOBINODE  TV, a video blog focus on Chinese tech industry. Nearly 20 video interviews with local startups have been produced since then, and most of them were in Chinese. We said that we would launch its English version. We are still not ready yet, but we now made the first step. Thanks to Moy Hau who volunteered to make the English subtitles for us, so the great thoughts/stories from local entrepreneurs and grassroots can be truly shared with global audience.]

Yeeyan is the largest Open Translation community and a very popular UGC (User Generated Content) site in China. With the mission “Discover, Translate and Read the Internet Beyond Your Language”, Yeeyan has more than 90,000 registered users and 5,000 translators. In May, 2009, collaborating with The Guardian, Yeeyan launched a ground-breaking project, the official Guardian’s Chinese site – Weibao.

In this video, Jiamin zhao, co-founder of Yeeyan, shares his story with us about Yeeyan’s venture: In Chinese entertainment-oriented market, as a platform for knowledge sharing and social collaboration, how does Yeeyan successfully build a strong community and encourage corporation between users, as well as  produce valuable content to benefit netziens; How does the team turn the community’s vision of cooperation into a reality to make a successful enterprise.

Video interview with Jiamin Zhao, Co-Founder of Yeeyan.com from MOBINODE.TV on Vimeo.

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