Probably two years ago, Virtual Worlds might be the hottest concept in the web industry and the Internet space were impressed by those pioneers, such as SecondLife, HiPiHi, UWorld, etc… Now the hype is gone and it’s hard to see coverages about 3D virtual worlds on mainstream media any more. However, Chinese virtual worlds are still exploring their way to success in the 3D web market. How to build the user base and cultivate user culture when when the market is still at the initial stage? The experience from the virtual world pioneer is invaluable.

Recently Cindy Jiang of MOBINODE.TV sit down with the Co-Founder of UWorld, Eric Ye, a former IBM senior engineer. We would like to figure out the key challenges and opportunities UWorld confront right now:

1. How are they making the 3D product more attractive and suitable for current Chinese users?

2. What kind of marketing strategy they would take to increase the user base?

3. How can they survive in the 3D industry which is still a virgin place?

And, what’s their views for a more profitable future? As you might be aware of, 3D web applications are more acceptable in enterprise market than individual users’ so far. Many virtual worlds have created revenues as software providers to enterprise users. It is getting quite popular to integrate 3D technology into product display, online marketing campaign, internal meeting/training, etc.. This technology still holds massive potential in consumer market. Many players in local industry are working hard to build a prosperous 3D online community, as well as enhance the economic value of 3D applications.

Where is the next Virtual World? Hope you can find some ideas from the video interview.  (Thanks to Moy Hau again, who volunteered to make English subtitles for us in this video. )

Video interview with Eric Ye, Co-Founder of Uworld from MOBINODE.TV on Vimeo.

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