According to a guy who is very close to Kaifu Lee, Mr. Lee’s will  join cooperate with, a new type of venture capital to help Chinese young people create and operate pioneering companies.

Idealab is started by Bill Gross in 1996 to create and operate pioneering technology companies. Reads from its About:

The structure of Idealab allowed us to test many ideas at once and turn the best of them into companies, attracting the human and financial capital necessary to bring them to market.

We can not 100% confirm if the rumor is true. But reads from a couple of reports which wrote that Kaifu Lee used to mentioned in different occasions, he really wanted to help Chinese young people, explore their talent, identify brilliant ideas and guide the young entrepreneurs to make their dream come true. “I wants to follow my heart”, Mr. Lee said.

No matter if the news is true or not, for sure Mr. Lee’s next venture will be very exciting news for Chinese young entrepreneurs.

Update: Kaifu Lee @kaifulee tweets: I am not going to join IdeaLab. I will build a new platform for young entrepreneurs, you will have the detail next week.

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