digu-logoIt was absolutely a surprise for me. Being silence for 99 days, Digu, one of the most popular microblogging service is finally back in operation. What I heard about those microblogging services was not positive at all in the past a few days, though.

When Digu first launched, I described it: A Twitter service meets Entertainment and I did think this strategy is more suitable for Chinese market. My worry for Digu was the biggest news portal Sina which also launched its microblogging service. Sina’s Celebrity Blogs did a great job educating the market. Now people know what is blog which also becomes a very important source for breaking news. So inevitably, Sina’s microblogging is following the same idea, with strong online media channel and huge user base, Sina is telling everyone, you can feel closer to the celebrities by following their microblogs. The stats now we have, 164,265 followers for Kaifu Lee, 161,177 follower for Jianxiang Huang, a famous football commentator. It takes only 2 months!! Digu seems to get no chance on Entertainment-centric microblogging any more.


But my worry also seems not necessary because Digu is positively walking on its own way: Micro Social Game. This web-based game is called BaiZhanTianXian (by invitation only). I am not a gamer, but the idea behind this micro-game is quite interesting: You can be a master of a Kongfu clan, and your followers are your apprentices. You can buy stuff (axe, sword etc) with virtual coin, fight against another clan with your followers and you can take the loser’s coins if your clan win. And, you can talk to the loser by using @. If you lose, your will get a dm message telling you who robbed your money. Funny, humh?

I guess that the game is developed by a third-party company. So like the SNSs, can microblogging service be an open platform too?