Netease In Big Trouble, GAPP Says NO for the Operation of WoW in China

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netease-wowNetease officially launched its Game channel today and wants it to be the No.1 portal focus on gaming industry. But obviously, they picked up a very wrong date. General Adminitration of Press and Publication (GAPP) of the People’s Republic of China just issued an official press release saying the review of “World of Warcraft” (The Burning Crusade) was halted and the application from Netease for the operation of WoW in China had been returned.

GAPP explained: it clearly told Netease that Charging and New account registration was not allowed during the private test, but Netease ignored it and allowed the public registration from 19th, Sept, which as GAPP described, “Illegal Behavior”. Netease will be published and GAPP also warns Netease that Netease’s Internet service could be suspended too.

Netease is in very big trouble if WoW is ‘banned’ in China. So who can be the help?

[update: an official from Ministry of Culture of China already said the suspending of WoW by GAPP is NOT appropriate..]