App Store, The Next Hype In Chinese Mobile Market

1 min read

app_storeI was invited to give a one-day lecture to China Telecom (Beijing) Research Institute and talked about Mobile Internet and the Trend of Web. Quite impressed by the knowledge they had about the latest mobile technology and business models, I am also surprised to a team which said they were working on China Telecom’s App Store.

China Mobile started Mobile Market, China Unicom surely will have its own App Store on iPhone, now we have China Telecom. I also heard that Sony Ericsson invited experts yesterday in Beijing and discussed on the possibility of operating its own app store.

It sounds like Chinese mobile market is getting into the hype of App Store but no one is sure yet how it can fit for the local market. My suggestion given to the audience yesterday, think over the user experience, take Korean SK Telecom’s app store as a lesson.