The Internet not only changes but also moulds our current society. It has brought us not only massive economic benefits and commercial conveniences but also an amazing boost in convenience and access to information. It has released a tidal wave of creativity, activity and grassroots collaboration, with individuals coming together like never before to cooperate, innovate and produce.

China’s Internet has experienced and continues to experience vibrant and vivid growth on a massively fertile landscape, with some of the world’s best and brightest at the forefront of development. In this new era we have literally millions upon millions of bloggers, podcasters, and music, photo and video enthusiasts coming together to share knowledge, experience, and content. These people are the life force of the Internet, and the driving force behind our new society and economy. And if you believe the current Internet is belong to the users, the voice from grass-root then can not be ignored!

Not just limited to China, the Internet is a global community, with cross-border sharing of resources, professional and technological cooperation, and international and intercultural interaction. Our situation in China calls for both international perspective and local originality, as well as independent and flexible technical direction and modes of operation.

So, today, we are very exciting to reveal the ChinaMode Awards (official site: www.chinamode.org), initiated by OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup and operated by the 14 most influential Chinese tech bloggers, including: Appin, Williamlong, Web20share, Kenengba, Jandan, MobiNode, Webleon, Showeb20, Vista2.o, Yunkeji, Riku, Herock, China Web2.0 Review and MobiNode.TV.

Here is the video via which we hope you can feel the passion driving us to work together.

ChinaMode Awards is unique:

  • ChinaMode brings the internet together which has never been done before in China.
  • ChinaMode allows the general internet populace to choose who they want to see.
  • ChinaMode brings those individuals and organizations together and makes it happen.
  • ChinaMode is the first event of its kind (Open, Independent and Professional) ever in China.

Through the votes, we want to tell you a real story about China web in 2009. Therefore we also give ChinaMode a Chinese name, 001 Awards, to reflect the culture of Chinese Internet. Who are the real winners, which companies/services are the most valuable ones and which are the most innovative startups in 2009, now their names are in Chinese Internet users’ hards.

Please mark the date, the details of this awards will be available on the official site on 15th Dec, 2009. We are also open to any community, company or individual who wants to help us or participate (on media coverage, partnership and sponsorship etc). Please contact us on the online form or just leave your comment here.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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