2009 ChinaMode Report (Part I) – Twitter Voted Most Recognized International Service in China

[Background: ChinaMode Awards 2009, initiated and operated by the 14 most influential Chinese tech bloggers, including: Appin, Williamlong, Web20share, Kenengba, Jandan, MobiNode, Webleon, Showeb20, Vista2.o, Yunkeji, Riku, Herock, China Web2.0 Review and MobiNode.TV, is the first open and independent award focus on Chinese web industry. The open nomination started at 15th Dec 2009 and closed at 2nd Jan 2010; with the supervision of local and international experts, 10 candidates in 7 categories each are open for public vote started at 11st Jan 2010 and closed at 25th Jan 2010. Please read the official announcement for more details.

Within 2 weeks of public vote stage, 121446 votes in total are counted. And today, we are happy to reveal these best internet service/sites of 2009 voted by Chinese grassroot. The results can not represent every Chinese netizen’s opinion, but we believe, it’s a honest result which do worth your attention.

Here is the 2009 ChinaMode Report (Part I): Most Recognized International Service of 2009 voted by Chinese netizen]

Chinese web, an market which has never been easy for international Internet service/companies/sites is even getting tougher to enter and conquer: unfortunately, several very popular service are not available in China  in 2009. But still, we are wondering which service/sites have drew Chinese users’ attention, and here is the result of Most Recoginzed International Service of 2009 in China.


The Top 10

Ordered by the number of votes, the top 10 international service are: Twitter (20.68%), YouTube (17.75%), Gmail (17.16%), Google Reader (11.09%), Facebook (9.49%), Google Wave (8.58%), Wikipedia (8.08%), Flickr (3.08%), Amazon (2.16%), Dropbox (1.95%).

Surprise and Non-surprise?

1. Although Twitter and YouTube are not available anymore in China, but still they took the No.1 and runner-up. It reflects the top 2 hottest markets right now in China: microblogging and video-sharing.

2. Gmail, one of the best Google products is widely used by Chinese users; Google Reader is also used as the major tool for reading RSS; Google Wave is a bit hit in global market, China is not an exception; Flickr still gets Chinese attention, as Chinese local photo-sharing market is still quiet; Amazon and Wikipedia are relatively ‘old’ and famous name.

3. Dropbox, this very convenient cross-platform file-sharing and sync startup service, surprisingly, takes the 10th. No similar service in China.

4. No one knows what will happen to Google China in 2010, but what so ever, YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader and Google Wave, result shows Google has big impact on Chinese web, although it’s beaten by Baidu in Chinese web search market.

5. We wrote about Facebook in China months ago, and 50 comments left by our readers. If you are wondering the current status of Facebook in China, it is also not available but unlike Twitter and YouTube, the result says Facebook is only voted the 5th although it continues growing and making profit in global space.