Over the past four years, the prominent bilingual tech blog MOBINODE has striven to provide insightful, detailed coverage of the Chinese IT sphere and its newest stars. With the introduction of in 2009 and the NTALKS forums this year, we’re by no means just a blog, and we do cooperate with other popular local tech blogs and grassroots movements to bring together innovative, passionate, hardworking individuals for various causes and colloquia.

MOBINODE is growing, slowly but steadily. It started with an individual media with exclusive English, Chinese and video contents, then thanks to NTalks events it is one step closer to be a hub and a platform for local startups, experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Now, with the support from our respectable partners, we are very exciting to announce that the Startups Watch, a report focus on local industry analysis and startups. This report will be produced monthly and available in both English and Chinese version.

Startups Watch report

Our colleagues and friends are people who truly love the internet, and who are willing to share and contribute. Therefore, we work hard to bring them out and together to record their opinions, views, and innovations in the name of progress. With Startups Watch report we hope to:

  1. highlight the most valuable content and opinions from local non-mainstream independent tech bloggers.
  2. explore the local web industry and highlight the best newly founded startups
  3. provide overviews and anaylsis on the hot and new sectors in Chinese web industry.
  4. bring innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to the forefront to spark both conversation and original thinking.

Startups Watch (1st Issue) [free download: English version | Chinese version] – In this issue, we’ll be summarising the situation of the Groupon-like-services and Foursquare-like services sectors in the Chinese market, as well as the penetration of the iPhone and Android-based devices into China. In our startups recommendation section, we’ll be touching upon 9 different companies that have come online within the past month in China, or sites or services in China that have recently come to the forefront. In the recaps section, we’ll be talking about the internationalization of the development process.

This month’s Startups Watch is edited by MOBINODE’s Gang LU, Cindy Jiang, and web20share’s Watson Xu. Thanks to our translator Moy Hau. It is our first try, so please do contact us for any feedback and suggestions.

Partners: OrangeLabs Beijing, BlueRun Ventures and TrilogyVC


We believe MOBINODE networks’ strength is that it has been in touch with the local industry for years and understand the truly local web; and it also has the advantage of great international connections which give us the opportunities to be a super hub connecting local web with oversea market as well as foreign fund. We want to contribute more to help on the local ecosystem. We’ve been trying for a long while, and now big thanks to our partners (Orange Labs Beijing, BlueRun Ventures, TrilogyVC), with their support and sponsorship, we are able to do more and grow faster!

More to Come…

With the cooperation with local tech bloggers, we are also working on some other exciting projects aiming at local startup ecosystem. Please stay tuned.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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