When most people is still wondering what 3G network is about, the world’s first nationwide 4G network is coming, and it is in Malaysia.

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd is launching the world’s first nationwide 4G network in Malaysia. This is about high-speed, wireless, mobile broadband that works continuously without disconnecting while you are on the move.

Mobile broadband will be the trend. When fast and reliable broadband is accessible to everyone, it will benefit millions of people, changing the way they live, learn and play. Like how 3G impacts 2G(2.5G) networks, 4G will create many new exciting business opportunities for global developers.

We hope you can be part of this change in Asia. So we would like to invite you and your network of developers to join mYprize – a Global Developer Challenge to find the best ideas, applications, and devices that will complement YTL Communications’  4G network. Winners will stand to win part of USD 1,000,000, and benefit from a vibrant ecosystem of ideas, content and infrastructure through the twinning program with Clearwire, which links developers to some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley.

No matter where you are, what you need do is just to submit your innovative ideas, applications, solution or devices and mYprize will collaborate with you to bring it into reality & to the market place together. The registration and submission closing date is set to 30 November 2010.

For more info, please just visit: http://myprize.my/

Gang Lu

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