As a tech blogger, I should have written about the drama between QQ and 360. Probably I am not the ‘typical’ Chinese netizen as I seldom use QQ and have never used 360, but still I found that whole thing is really crap. They are one of the biggest companies in China, and there is so much valuable experience to learn from them, but the hope for Chinese internet, I think relies on plenty of startups and young entrepreneurs which need help to be identified and grow faster.

Addition to talking about those internet giants everyday, we need (also need educate the grassroot) to look into Chinese market from another angel. As least we hope, more exciting stuff here can be explored.

It is true that there is still nowhere like Silicon Valley which sounds like heaven for startups; you may also question about the quality of Chinese startups which in most people’s opinion are lack of innovation; you many also debate that the environment for these startups here is still not mature, and good incubators, angel investors, etc are still missing. But we want to give it another try to build a platform which could be a key to a healthy ecosystem, so for the second time, together with other 24 popular bloggers, ChinaMode Awards 2010 has been announced.

This year, we set up 8 awards for the best startups/service in the area of life style, social communications, entertainment, productivity, mobile apps, online forum focus on mobile, international service and innovation. We are so glad that this year we have more supporter such as UC, Lintek, NanRenWa, KUUKIE, AskForm, ChinesePod, YanCreate etc, as media support from Sina’s Weibo, QQ Weibo, Netease etc. Even more important, big names like Orange France, Telekom, MediaBrands Venture, IDG, GSR Ventures, DaD-Asia are willing to sponsor us, which give us the possibility to hold a ceremony early next year to award ChinaMode Winners.

The nomination has started this Monday. If you are interested in reporting this awards, please kindly let us know and help us to spread the words to the global industry. If you are with a startup, no matter how small you are, get you a ChinaMode badge and get your colleague, friends to nominate now!

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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