“If Kaixin001 launched microblogging service last year before Sina, the market might be quite different.” a local veteran said to me. “But they did not do that (maybe they did not want to touch that space because they saw the end of early twitter clones.) and still focus on its social games. They are not lucky enough this time.”

Kaixin001 conquered the market with its social games last year and claims 90million registered users and 20million-25million active users each day. Since it started, Kaixin001 focus on social games and acts as gaming platform. It works quite well for users acquisition and help Kaixin001 build the brand and conquer the market quickly. However it is become risky for a social network if it neglect users’ social connection as users can easily get bored if the new social games are not attractive enough. This year, Things are getting even worse as Kaixin001 has been facing a tough competition from Sina’s weibo (microblogging) service, simply because both services targeted at the same major user group: white-collar class.

Kaixin001 said earlier this week, its own microblogging service will be launched soon. So will it bring us some new ideas? Microblogging with gaming elements, maybe? For me, it is more like a self-protection strategy.

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