China Mobile is running a promotion campaign in Jinan city of Shandong province, if you sign a 3-years contract and pre-pay minimum rmb 6800, (depend on the amount you pre-pay) you would be given a 8GB iPhone 3GS or 16GB iPhone 4 or 32 GB iPhone 4 for FREE. And China Mobile guarantee the iPhone is from ‘official’ channel.

This is funny. As everyone knows that China Unicom is ONLY operator has the contract with Apple, so where on earth do China Mobile’s iPhone come from?

1. Directly bought from Apple Store. It is almost impossible for Apple to sell iPhone directly to China Mobile, unless China Mobile send his staff to Apple Store and queued for hours to buy plenty of them;

2. Pay more money and buy from China Unicom iPhone package subscribers. You may see it is a bit crazy, but it sounds like a good solution; Now China Unicom responds: if it detects iPhone subscriber is not using the 3G Sim on his iPhone, the sim might be blocked and the iPhone could be locked as well.

3. Bought from grey market. I would not say so. However, with such pressure from China Unicom’s iPhone+3G package, and it’s in China, everything could be possible.

No one is going to answer this question, I am sure. At least we can see that, for China Mobile, iPhone really sucks. 🙂

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