Do you want to know how much McDonald was spending online for brand advertising and for what campaigns this year ??

Admomo, a Hong Kong based online advertising intelligence startup, offers the answers to questions like that. ( A few clicks on its self- developed tool and a complete report with all the details is ready in a few seconds. It shows which sites McDonald was using to show its ad, for how long, and for which product.

The cost details are also shown. Admomo CEO, Winston Law, said, discrepancy is roughly 20-30%. A friend who has tested the tool using a company he known of said, the error in cost estimation is down to 5%.

With such a report, you can easily second guess what McDonald’s online marketing strategies are. Who are they targeting, with what products, and using what promotion gimmick. This is a very powerful tool. Just imagine what its competitors (such as KFC) can do with such information.

And it is not just for McDonald, Admomo can track every brands which has advertised in over 300 sites in Hong Kong and 700 sites in China. And, CEO, Winston Law, is thinking of expanding the service to cover leading sites in the whole world.

I wonder if the online retailers in China have known about Admomo yet.
If not, they better beware. Vancl, 350buy, Redbabay, Dangdang, Joyo, etc., are all big spender of online advertising. With such a deadly tool, how they position themselves online and allocate their marketing budget can be known by their competitors easily.

Sherman So

Author of Red Wired: China's Internet Revolution, the first book to completely survey the nature of China's internet. ( She previously was the lead China technology reporter...

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  1. The cost is … hmm … a bit high. But compared with something similar offered by Nielsen, it is very cheap.

  2. The cost is … hmm … a bit high. But compared with something similar offered by Nielsen, it is very cheap.

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