Among the Global top 15 internet companies, three are Chinese.

Recently, a friend passed me the presentation Mary Meeker made at the Web 2.0 Summit at San Francisco last month.  As usual, the internet queen of Morgan Stanley pointed out several trends that are shaping the industry landscape right now.  Such as globility, mobile, Steve Job, etc.  For those who are interested, here is her presentation:

For me, I could not help but noticed among the Top 15 Global internet companies Mary Meeker listed out, 3 are Chinese.  They are, as you would expected, Tencent (ranked no. 4), Baidu (no. 6) and Alibaba (no. 12).

Six years ago, in 2004, only one Chinese company made into the Top 15 list – Shanda ranked no. 11.

I wonder what the list will become six years from now.  I imagine ever more Chinese internet companies will be in the Global top 15.  Just consider the fact that China is the world’s largest internet market with 384 million users. But that is only 29% of its total population and the growth rate is a breathtaking 29% a year.

The U.S. market, the world’s second largest with 240 users, meanwhile, is only growing 4% a year, as the penetration is already 76%.

I image, some companies from India and Russia are also likely to made into the Top 15 list in 6 years.  Russia, the world’s fifth largest, has 60 million internet users.  Penetration is 42% but it is growing very fast, at 31% a year.  India with 61 million internet users is the world’s fourth largest right now.  But, penetration is very low, only 5%.  Its growth rate is 18%.