I am big fan of service like Dropbox, Evernote which help me a lot in my digital life. But I never expected there would be some copycats from China. Here, most users still only care about something entertaining, and seriously, what could be the revenue model in an environment where Free is sort of culture. We need some cool internet-based tools, but don’t expect this can be done by startups. The ‘Free’ culture is killing not just the innovation but also userful ideas, it’s not right and needs change.

Luckily we see Shanda, the leading online gaming company has started taking the responsibility. It’s EverBox, a project incubated by Shanda’s Innovation Institute is now in test. It’s just like Dropbox providing cloud storage service which can also facilitate your synchronizing your files in different devices (pc, mobile phone etc). EverBox is still in beta, in terms of the platform it supports, it’s a bit disappointing (for me) as it now only provides Windows client. But the team says the Mac, iPhone and Android version will be out soon. EverBox web-based service includes some nice features such as integrated image viewers, music players etc which allow you to view the content without download.

EverBox currently offers every user up to 10GB storage for free, which sounds quite promising. As its name sounds like EverNote+DropxBox, I am hoping it can bring us something they have in one package.

Just another side note, we’ve been in touch with many friends working for Shanda. I thought Shanda is quite a ‘traditional’ gaming company, but in fact, there are loading of interesting stuff there, e.g. Shanda’s Innovation Institute, basically its Shanda’s Innovation Works for incubating startups. We will tell you more about it later, so stay tuned!

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