Yesterday, Google released Nexus S and Android 2.3 and the Chrome OS is also released today. Innovation, is definitely the DNA of Google which is the key reason people love it. In Beijing, Google China also held a so-called Google Innovation Forum talking about and demoing some latest technology Google has been working on, such as voice recognition technology etc. Goolge SVP Alan Eustace and Liu Yun, CEO of Google China etc were all there giving speech.

Yes, Google does not want to forget about China. Liu Yun and Alan emphasized that Google is still very interested in Chinese market, and the revenue from local market keeps increasing every quarter. China is still one of the biggest online display ads market for Google. However, we have to see that the core business of Google, the Search has shrinked to 24.6% from 27.3% according to iResearch.

I recall the Google Developer Day conference I was invited to give a talk about OpenWeb. Google was also demoing some cool technology such as Google Wave, HTML5 etc, and most importantly they revealed several localized products. e.g. Gaokao map a map-based service for Chinese high-school graduates. There were over 1000 audience there as far as I remember. But this time, it’s all about innovation and I heard that there were only 200 heads showed up.

I love innovation, but for Google in China, the big question is how to localize the innovation. Otherwise, people will eventually leave you.

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