Do you know who are the top web developers in the world? And what they are good at? You can find the answers in The website was recently founded, by Mike Cai in Shanghai. Through its in-house developed analytic tool, Gurudigger can identify the strength of different web developers, what projects they are working on and have done in the past, etc.

“We collect web engineers’ footprint on the internet. And then, we analyze and compare each web engineers’ technique ability,” said Mike. The website will rank each engineer according to different skills ( Python, C++, Java, etc.) and rate the engineer a score (level 1 to10) depending on his/her strengths. Level 10 being the best.

Currently, the company is working on ranking all web engineers identifiable in the world. It will announce the results by the end of this month. “The process is still going on. Base on current result, most of the level 10 web engineers are from the U.S. and Europe,” said Mike. Chinese developers can also send their profile to for ranking. (Just go to their homepage:

In the future, Mike hopes become a source for venture capitalists looking for good investment projects. “I guess a lot of VC will be interested in what projects good web engineers are working on. Because this might be the next Google or facebook,” said Mike.

Author of Red Wired: China's Internet Revolution, the first book to completely survey the nature of China's internet. ( She previously was the lead China technology reporter...

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