Spotted by a Baidu staff who then posted the pictures on Sina’s weibo, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has started its holiday in China together with his girl-friend. 30min ago, Kaiser Kuo, the international relationship director of Baidu also confirmed Mark’s meeting with Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, the dominator of Chinese search market.

Although Mark intended to take his first trip to China very personal (a holiday trip with his girl friend), the main stream media is still quite curious about the purpose of this meeting with Robin Li and what Facebook’s next move could be. Will Facebook enter the 400million users market with the partnership with Baidu? No evidence to prove that, but it makes some sense, at least Baidu is clearly the giant in China but it does not really have its own social network in the local market.

Pretty much sure that Mark should learn a lot from Robin about local internet culture (hopefully he can understand a bit more why Google has to quit from the conversation too). But for now, maybe we don’t need to take that so serious. I’ve been reading some comments from Chinese netizen in some Chinese social media sites, here are my favorites:

  1. Jerry Yang of Yahoo first visited China in 2000; Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s first visit to China in 2005; Another 5 years later in 2010, Facebook CEO first visits China. Unfortunately, both Yahoo and Google are not doing well in China.
  2. Can anyone tell me if Facebook is the copycat of RenRen?
  3. Wow, two most dangerous guys for Google had a meeting today!!
  4. Will Mark ask Robin Li for advice on how to negotiate with government about unblocking Facebook?
  5. Mark needs Chinese market, also needs Chinese girl friend, either way the trip is worthy of it.
  6. Hope this guy having fun in China, not sure how he access Facebook though.
  7. Maybe he can register on RenRen or Kaixin001 since he is here.
  8. Does Mark know the price of real estate in Beijing is unbelievably expensive?

I am also wondering if Mark has the plan to visit Tencent?

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