kuukie, the leading online custom cards printing service has launched a new feature, Custom Postcard Mailing which basically allows the users to upload their pictures, custom them, type in the message and the address, kuukie will get them posted as postcards and mailed.

kuukie, officially launched in early this year, currently offers 3 key products, mini cards, business cards and postcards (its new product custom year-calendar is on the way). The key feature differentiates kuukie from other online printing service is that user can custom both sides of each card, i.e. every card printed can be different from each other on both sides. Although high-quality card printing is its main revenue source at this moment, but the company defines itself as an Internet company in terms of its marketing strategy (via social media such as Sina weibo), partnership (kuukie’s partners include Jiepang, the LBS service; Yupoo, image-sharing service and so on). kuukie also operates a Chinese independent designers/artists gallery where users can pick up designers/artists nice works for their cards. By this way, kuukie is able to help Chinese independent creative people to promote and monetize their works.

kuukie’s slogan says You Taste, You Share, because it believes every cards printed can present user’s personal brand, and will be shared by family/friends/partners around. What kuukie wants to offer is not just about online cards printing, but also a multi-functional online platform for cards distribution. Custom Postcard Mailing is its first trial. Christmas and New Year is coming soon, if you live oversea and want to mail your ‘customized’ greeting to your friends around the world in a cheap and quick way (especially to China), I guess that you will find kuukie’s new feature very convenient.

[disclosure: Gang Lu is the co-founder of kuukie.com]

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