It’s been a long while we have not covered anything about Chinese online music service. We’ve wrote about 8Box, the service and Yobo the Pandora-like service, but it’s almost 3 years ago. Both sites are still available, but the traffic is miserable. Online music service is not that hot, but we have seen some relatively new service launched in past year, among which Xiami and are my favorites. Today, we saw a new online music radio channel launched and it is operated by a tough competitor, Baidu. It’s basically a music-streaming service, but powered by Baidu’s search technology.

Looks like, on Baidu music radio service, you can listen to a public channel on which you can choose the genre of the music. Then the service will stream the music to you one after one; or you can listen to a private channel if you are Baidu’s registered users. In private channel, you can personalize the music it plays according to your interests. Powered by Baidu’s search engine, the pretty cool thing about Baidu’s private music radio channel is that, it is able to (at least trying to) push the right music for you in the light of the music you have searched for, downloaded and listened to.

At last, you maybe curious about whether the music Baidu’s streaming is copyrighted or not, it seems for me they are all from somewhere in the internet.

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