Bingo! Tencent's Adds Facebook Authentication

I am not sure if Mark of Facebook met with Pony Ma of Tencent or not during his trip in China (probably NOT). But certainly Tencent has unofficially connected with Facebook by integrating Facebook Authentication. Thanks for the tip from our reader Yu Junde who left a comment on our previous post:

Pengyou is indeed open. I tried it out, and found that it even uses Facebook Authentication! See It’s actually used to verify that you graduated from a foreign university. But it requires a VPN to connect, and even after connection, it doesn’t work.  I changed my FB password after that.

I also gave it another go,

1. If you use an email address for registration, you will be assigned a QQ ID linked to this email address;

2. If you choose an oversea school/university for your education profile, the Facebook authentication will show up. Of course you need VPN for the verification process. But I am still not quite sure what information on my Facebook profile needs be verified. It returned me a Failure popup window saying, Your profile picture is in process of verification, you can not create your Class information.

Any comments, our readers?