If you are looking for business opportunities in mobile industry, there is no doubt you should pay more attention on Android which might dominate the mobile os industry in 2011. China is certainly one of the fastest growing Android market. If more phone manufactures can manage to cut down the price of Android phone to match Shanzhai phones, the potential for Android is huge in 2011; Developers in China not just supply app demands from local network operators and manufactures, but also the entire world for its low-cost but skillful and ever-creative engineers. “As we all understand the massive potential for Chinese mobile market, we do need learn more about local Android and smartphone market, and talk to local development companies for all sorts of partnership and cooperations.“ said Bob Ding, the chairman of Mobile Century Club which is the lead organizer of “Go Android” annual conference focus on Android development. The event will be held at 11st January 2011 in Shanghai.

Finally we have a good event talking about Android and mobile application development in Shanghai where the mobile industry communities are generally quiet, compared with Beijing. Also look at the agenda of the event, I am glad that the organizers managed to bring some good teams such as GoodTeam Studio (our coverage in Chinese) and Carema360 (our coverage in English) from Chengdu to share their stories and ideas, and speakers from companies like HTC, DeNA, Innovation Works etc. They are playing different roles in this market, and it could be quite interesting to listen to their insight and opinion.

The online registration is now open here. We do hope this event can boost the Shanghai local mobile industry, and MOBINODE will be there to report too.

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