Lenovo is going to launch iPad like tablet

When Apple’s iPad launched last year, sales went wild within a month.  Since then, many computer manufacturers launched their version of iPad like device.

China’s leading computer maker, Lenovo, is not going to miss the party.  It is also going to launch its iPad like tablet.  The device looks and feels like iPad, but it is Android inside.  It has a larger and better screen.  And it is going to be a bit cheaper than iPad.  The list price is about US$ 520.

The device supports Wifi and 3G.  Both WSCMA and CDMA 2000 3G standards are supported .  But not TD-SCDMA.  Reason: Android has not built the necessary module to support TD yet.  And it is too difficult for Lenovo to do that itself.

It seems only China Telecom and China Unicom users can enjoy the devices.  Too bad for China Mobile.