If you have some spare time to attend all sorts of Chinese internet conference, you might realize already how boring most of the events are. Sad to say that, but it’s the fact. Most speakers, even some high profile guys are just there to talk about how good their companies are, repeat again and again their so-called vision (most of which I guess can be predicted by us too). I used to say to my friends, the internet conference in west is for future but the Chinese ones is only interested in what’s happening now. Well, it’s also true that there is really not much to talk about here in terms of innovation, vision, trend etc as Chinese web is still the follower of western web. However, we simply need an event or a stage just for startups because they represent the trend of web and the future of China internet.

We did the ChinaMode Awards in 2009, but it’s online only. This year, we want to take a further step, the Ceremony is planned to be held at 24th January in Beijing. All the winners of ChinaMode Awards 2010 are invited (and most of them have confirmed the participation). The ceremony is going to be in two parts, there will be 5  panels discussion arranged in the afternoon, and in the evening it will be the ceremony and more like a party (e.g. a band in which members are all venture capitalists will be there giving live performance, and a young rap guy will be the host).

Thanks a lot for ChinaMode Awards sponsors, Orange France, Deutsche Telekom, MediaBrands Venture, IDG, GSR Ventures, DaD-Asia and many other supporters and helpers. If you or your company wants be involved in some ways (sponsors, media partners etc), please feel free let us know.

The online registration is open at http://chinamode.kuukie.com. The event will be mainly in Chinese, but our English readers are more than welcome to be there meeting with local Chinese startups. See you guys there!!!

Date: 24th January 2010 (Monday)

Venue: Star Live, 3rd floor, Tangguo Building (google map)

Registration: http://chinamode.kuukie.com

Part I: Panel dicussion (1pm – 6pm)

Panel 1: the standardization of mobile device

  • Nokia Research Institute Beijing, Director, Liu Zhen
  • Google China, Program Manager & China Country Lead Developer Relations, Bill Luan
  • Dianxin OS (Innovation Works), CEO, Zhang Lei
  • Coolpad Research Institute Beijing, Director, Han Liguang
  • Frost & Sullivian Research, Chief Consultant, Wang Yuquan

Panel 2: Chinese App Stores

  • Orange Beijing Research Center, Director, Ren Zhen
  • Aimi8 App Store, CEO, Zhao Jian
  • GFan App Store, VP, Xu Weite
  • HTC App Store, General Manager, Zhang Ning

Panel 3: Open Platform and Social Gaming

  • Reco, CEO, Liu Yong
  • Renren Open Platform, Senior Tech Director, Huang Jing
  • UCWeb, VP of Product, Li Mingyuan
  • IsMole, CEO, Chen Shuyi
  • AppLeap, CEO, Ren Zili

Panel 4: Consumer-based web: Online to Offline business model and local innovation

  • BlueRun Venture, Partner, Chen Weiguang
  • IDG Venture, VP, Li Feng
  • DSR Venture, Partner, Zhu Xiaohu
  • Lashou, CEO, Wu Bo
  • Gangji, CEO, Yang Haoyong
  • Shanda Innovation Institute, Xu Jianhai

Panel 5: Social Media in China

  • Tencent Tech Center, Director, Cheng Lingfeng
  • 5G Consultant, Founder, Keso
  • MediaBrands Venture, CEO, Jimmy Poon
  • The Founder Magazine, Chief Editor, Shen Yin

Dinner and Social Networking (6:30pm – 7:00pm)

Part II: ChinaMode Awards Ceremony & Startups Show (7:30pm – 10:00pm)

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