Taobao Opens Its First Online Supermarket

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Taobao is superb, not just because it’s the leading e-commerce site from the market point of view, more importantly, it is changing Chinese life fundamentally. I think we have to admit this. We are going for Taobao to buy cheap, sometime even counterfeit stuff; then when Taobao Mall launched, consumers feel more comfortable as the quality can be guaranteed; Taobao created the online e-commerce for Chinese, today more explicitly, it wants more awareness in people’s daily life, today its first online supermarket opened.

The supermarket is still in trial period as it’s only open for Shanghai area. As for the products, tissue, teeth brush, pillows, biscuits, nuts, coke, kitchen & dinner stuff, almost everything you can buy in the offline traditional supermarket, you can now find it on Taobao’s new site; for delivery, all orders are promised to be delivered to your door within 24hours, and there will be free delivery if total amount exceeds rmb 100; for the price, the general manager of Taobao supermarket also said, we can guarantee most of products we sell will not be as expensive as the ones sold in traditional store.It also offers a group buying service for some selected products everyday.

It says that 4 more cities, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen are in the line. As a lazy guy not willing to walk out to buy some small things like toothpaste, I’d rather try Taobao and I bet most of my friends prefer this way too.