163 is showing more and more interests on e-commerce. In November 2010, 163 launched its own group buying site, tuan.163.com; days later, its online shopping mall was launched at 17th December 2010; two weeks later at 31st December, its domestic flight tickets booking site was launched, competing with Taobao’s service. Yesterday, another interesting step was made, L.163.com, the online luxury shopping-mall was launched.

Around 44 international luxury brands have their products displayed, including Dior, LV, Hermes, SEIKO, TISSOT etc. 163 even guarantee 7-days refund. For the online payment, 163 uses its own payment gateway service, WangYiBao which I personally just heard of it very recently. Obviously, as a later comer, 163 still wants some of the market share and the luxury brand might differentiate itself from other portal’s e-commerce service.

For general idea about e-commerce for luxury market in China, please read our Tips for Luxury Brands in Chinese e-Commerce Market.

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