How Big Is Tencent? Stats May Tell

Tencent is big, everyone knows it. But how big is it? We found some latest stats which can give you the idea.

By end of September, 2010

  • Tencent QQ active registered users – 636.6million
  • QZone (Tencent’s SNS) active registered users – 481.2millions
  • Value-Added web service paid subscribers (monthly) – 67.3millions
  • Value-Added mobile service paid subscribers (monthly) – 25.3millions

By end of October, 2010

  • Chinese can not survive without QQ in their digital life – the max total number of online QQ users: 127.5millions
  • The most popular social games Happy Farm operating on QZone needs 4000 servers
  • Number of pictures uploaded to Tencent sites per day – 100millions
  • 60% of Tencent’s revenue goes to all sorts of partners (Tencent’s revenue in 2010 is around rmb 18billion)
  • Gaming industry is very important for Tecent as its 60% of revenue comes from Games
  • Interesting to see that Tencent kinda of reply on its partners in mobile value-added service as its 90% of revenue from mobile value-added service is the shared revenue from its partners
  • Company share: MIH has 34.38% of Tencent share, Pony Ma has 11.18%, and Zhang Zhidong has 3.67%
  • Tencent is young as it has 12,000 staff and the average age is 26.8