Tencent is big, everyone knows it. But how big is it? We found some latest stats which can give you the idea.

By end of September, 2010

  • Tencent QQ active registered users – 636.6million
  • QZone (Tencent’s SNS) active registered users – 481.2millions
  • Value-Added web service paid subscribers (monthly) – 67.3millions
  • Value-Added mobile service paid subscribers (monthly) – 25.3millions

By end of October, 2010

  • Chinese can not survive without QQ in their digital life – the max total number of online QQ users: 127.5millions
  • The most popular social games Happy Farm operating on QZone needs 4000 servers
  • Number of pictures uploaded to Tencent sites per day – 100millions
  • 60% of Tencent’s revenue goes to all sorts of partners (Tencent’s revenue in 2010 is around rmb 18billion)
  • Gaming industry is very important for Tecent as its 60% of revenue comes from Games
  • Interesting to see that Tencent kinda of reply on its partners in mobile value-added service as its 90% of revenue from mobile value-added service is the shared revenue from its partners
  • Company share: MIH has 34.38% of Tencent share, Pony Ma has 11.18%, and Zhang Zhidong has 3.67%
  • Tencent is young as it has 12,000 staff and the average age is 26.8

[source: alibuybuy.com]

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