[Technology is the fashion and doing startup is a cool thing. But in China, we are missing that philosophy.]

I almost stop reading Chinese tech-related magazine, not just because all the information I need right now can be found via the Internet, but also because I don’t really feel most of them are fancy enough for me to buy one in terms of the content as well as the way the content is presented.

Wired, is my favorite magazine. My feeling about it is that it’s something I can not resist to buy and it’s kind of cool even if I leave it my desk (and won’t really find time to read it through). Of course, the article like The Web is Dead is absolutely sensational, and in general, Wired keeps telling me what would happen next and inspiring me with the trend of the technology. But looking at Chinese tech-related magazines, they have industry review, company profile and interview one after another which are good to know, but we have to say that they can report the past, the current but in the fast-developing web/mobile space, we are thirsty about the future.

When we think about ecosystem in tech industry, usually we pay attention to the money (VC, angel, seed investors), startups (the founders, the team, the business model etc). But it seems that what we have been ignoring for a long while is the approach to trigger the entrepreneurship, to educate and inspire the young generation. Traditional media such as magazines need take the responsibility and deliver the image of creativity and passion to the readers who might be next startup founders. In my opinion, good reading resource is also the key part of the ecosystem.

Wired, for me is not just a tech magazines, it is also a mix of fashion and life style, which is pretty true when you think about. The reason we love technology is that it brings us the coolest things which drive huge impact on our real life.

Technology is the fashion and doing startup is a cool thing. But in China, we are missing that philosophy. Technology is just the technology which may make money. We still don’t get it. Or, you may say, Chinese tech industry is not mature and outstanding yet.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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  1. Very nice point! We need such media who can trigger the entrepreneurship, educate and inspire the young generation.

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