The year of Chinese rabbit year just started and China is now in a 7-days long holiday. People are traveling, enjoying the happy hours with family and relaxing, we are trying to stay away from the Internet. However, it’s hard and this year it’s even harder, because of the weibo, the Chinese microblogs, which is definitely the most accessed and talked-about web service during the holiday.

At 5th Feb, Tencent officially announced that its own weibo (microblogging) service has reached 100 millions users. To get this amount of users, Tencent only used around 10 months. Note that, Liu Xiang, the Chinese 110 meter hurdler, the Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion, has more than 11 millions followers on his Tentent weibo.

And Sina’s weibo is not taking any break. According to Sina, 12374 weibo (tweets) have been posted at the first second of the rabbit year, 227,232 weibo were posted at the first minute. Started from 26th January, Sina also run an online campaign. If you invite your family member or friends to register on Sina weibo, you will get a small and lovely ‘rabbit’ icon appearing at the end of your name. During the first 3 days, 712,553 users participated the campaign.

As a sort of culture, Chinese usually send greeting in text message to friends during the new year holiday. But this year, you may read tens of greeting on weibo simply by the way of @ you. Weibo indeed rocks China.

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