We said that Tencent’s real enemy would be Sina. As Sina’s Weibo is absolutely smashing Chinese web , Tencent will soon face the direct threat to its core service QQ. Technically speaking, Sina to have a relatively good instant messenger is easy as its UC client has been developing for years; From strategic point of view, the partnership between Sina and MSN strengthen Sina’s IM ambition; Now what Sina should do is just to integrate its Weibo service with its UC or even MSN. And, Sina is actually working on that for a while.

A screenshot of Sina’s PC version of its official Weibo Client has been posted by a Weibo user @quzheng. It looks pretty nice as you can have the accounts you follow listed as the contact lists so that you can easily ‘mention’ anyone. It also gives you the full features as the web-based Weibo, such as sending direct message, posting picture, publishing video/music link and even screenshot-capturing.

So Attention please, Tencent!! China web in 2011 would be quite interesting.

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