Closed Down by Tencent, the Future of Groupon China Is Uncertain, the site for Groupon China is down within 24hours since it’s secretly launched. The future of Groupon China is uncertain, but what is certain is that Groupon China till now still does not know how speak Chinese.

Money can not solve everything. Chinese media reported that Oliver Samwer of Groupon Germany will fly into China to have a urgent meeting with Ouyang Yun, the CEO of Groupon China appointed by Tencent. An insider said that the launch of Gaopeng was actually Groupon’s decision and Tencent was even not informed in advance. So Tencent shut it down because they think it’s too early to get the site public.

I understand Groupon wants to move quickly, but they should understand more about its partner. Tencent is always low key and would not risk on anything before 100% ready, which is one of the key culture make Tencent so big today. It’s the culture conflict Groupon China has to deal with first.

[ref: TechCrunch also commented on Gaopeng/Groupon China]