I am not a big fan of iPad. I like it mainly because I am super fan of Apple (fortunately or unfortnately); I miss it when I am traveling and my macbook pro runs out of battery because it’s truly handy; and sometime I do love it, when I need read rss feeds, thanks to FlipBoard which at least for me, is the best and revolutionary application on iPad.

FlipBoard is cool, so inevitably, it becomes (probably) the most copied iPad application in China. Let’s have a quick review of the clones. I would not say it’s better than FlipBoard, but at least they all support Chinese social medias such Sina weibo and have a good list of Chinese content recommended.

1. Zaker (iTunes Download) – supports Google reader, Sina Weibo, Instapaper etc

2. Xiaoguo iPad (iTunes Download) – developed by Xianguo, the leading Blogline like RSS reading and sharing service. It supports Sina weibo, Netease weibo, RSS subscription etc.

3. Tencent ICare (iTunes Download)- developed by Tencent, ICare is a fresh way to enjoy the updates and information shared by your buddies on the social networks. Besides you can get the latest and hottest articles,photos,comments shared by the most renowned magazines and newspapers in China.

4. MagSina (iTunes Download)- supports Sina Weibo using Sina Weibo open API

5. Netease Reader (iTunes Download) – developed by Chinese portal, Netease.

6. Bozong News (iTunes Download) – supports Sina Weibo, Kaixin001, Google Reader etc

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  1. Flipboard is awesome. It will be interesting to see how the start-up Qwiki.com who won TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 which mashes text, image, video, audio will change the game next.

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