Western Web Companies and their Chinese Equivalents: Part 1 (infographic)

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Google, BaiduThis is Part 1 of a series that explores the companies of the Chinese web.

Within China, the world’s largest internet population, lies an internet ecosystem similar to that in the West. At times, the Chinese web can be very foreign, indeed; access to websites and services Westerners take for granted are restricted for Mainland China internet users.

For example, Facebook and YouTube are staples of Western web usage, yet there is insignificant Chinese web usage as they are restricted in the Middle Kingdom.

Who has stepped up to fill those roles? Who are the staples of Chinese web usage? How big are they and how do they stack up against their Western counterparts?

To better understand these Chinese companies, let’s look at ubiquitous Western web services and compare them to their Chinese equivalents.

In upcoming parts of this series, we will explore more companies to paint a clearer picture of the Chinese internet landscape.

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Western Web Companies and their Chinese Equivalents

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