China Mobile to Release Its Own Mobile Browser

1 min read

It’s not clear if China Mobile’s OPhone project is doing well or not, but obviously China Mobile continues seeking the way of strengthening its mobile Internet market position. Its target market is the mobile browser, and news says China Mobile’s Android-based mobile browser is in beta test, named Surfing.

It is reported that Surfing will come with several features:

  • Website optimization for mobile usage;
  • Personalization;
  • Integration with China Mobile’s popular service such as Fetion and Mobile Market;
  • Image optimization and smart adjustment;
  • Fully support to OPhone

China Mobile has over 500 millions subscribers in China, although Android phones are not popular in China yet, but you know what that figure means, especially to the third party mobile browser, such as Maxthon and UCWeb which claims over 100 millions users, ONLY!