I am reading a rumor which is saying Tencent has built the strategic partnership with Asus and the new EeePad will be using Tencent’s operating system. There is no comment from both parties so far, but I spent some time on Tencent’s latest development on mobile and web space, and the finding is quite promising. 

Web QQ = Cloud Operating System

The newly launched Web QQ is actually not just about a web-based QQ, it has QQMail, QQ Weibo and QZone integrated and comes with cloud applications such as QQ Cloud Input application, QQ Cloud dictionary etc. It also has an application market which includes 1866 web-based apps. Seriously, it is more like a Cloud Operating System.

QQ for Pad = QQ Operating System for Tablets

Tencent recently also released its QQ for Android-based tablet. This application bundles with QQMail, QZone, QQ Weibo as well as third-party plugins. QQ for iPad seems to be released soon…

People is expecting Google Chrome for a long while, but still we have not seen any commercial products. And now, most likely, Tencent has been working very hard to catch up quickly.

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